The Study of Life
Your Life

The Journey called life Begins
The Journey of Life Ends
The In Between
Our Life

The Study
Mind, Spirit, Energy, Soul,
Body and Awareness
In Relationship to our Complete Human Experience

We Begin to Take Charge of our Life
The Moment we Accept Responsibility for what we Do

This Begins the Study
An Explanation
We as human beings are composed of body, mind, energy and awareness.
We are born to be free in our thoughts and develop ourselves through our
awareness. We are challenged in many different ways so we may exercise our
right of free thought, awareness, and conduct.

We become what we think and what we believe to be true. In return we are free to
challenge ourselves in the manner we choose to conduct our life. If we choose to
follow the belief and way of any other aspect or individual within our society this is
our right to do so, but it may not be beneficial in our life. We are also free to
choose a way of life of our own and conduct ourselves in such a manner.

We at times may find ourselves very well intended but wrong in the  way we
conduct our life, and the challenge is to know the difference. How do we know
when we are on or off the course of our life and living our life accordingly? To
know this is a great challenge that presents itself to us on a daily, moment to
moment basis every day of our life. We are destined to choose our life for
ourselves according to our body, mind, energy and awareness management of our
daily lives.

Every decision we make will give us an end result that is beneficial, detrimental, or
inconsequential in regards to our life. When our choice is beneficial to our life we
have made the correct decision in regards to our life. When we live a life style
based on a balanced body, mind, energy and awareness, our life style decisions
are made more accurate and beneficial for our life.
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Search Your Truth to Reveal Your Life
Your truth is composed of what you believe is true and the application of it into your life.
Under these terms what you believe is very important, it has become and is your life.
Your life is your truth in action, it is your life. Wonder, are you well intended but wrong?

If what you believe is based on false and you conduct your life under false teachings
your life is false. Ask yourself, why do I believe what I believe is true?

Who is and who has been your teacher?
The most common are your parents, teachers, and religion.
Any false teaching accepted as true and applied to your life, your life becomes false.  

The danger of this is a challenge, when your chosen beliefs are based on myth that is
accepted as historical truth, your life is based on myth and false.

When you accept mythological people as though they are historical people your life is
based on false. The lessons of a myth can be beneficial and applicable to life, but the
source is a myth not historical reality. Accepted in this manner there is less harm, but to
pray to them as though they are a god or a god man is wrong.

To be correct in your spiritual belief search for your inner truth which comes from your
soul, and then you will see your life according to truth.

This is your life and the application of your belief into your life makes it your life.
No matter what you choose to believe it is your choice and you are free to choose and
act accordingly, thus it becomes your choice and your life all according to you and your
free choice.

If you choose to believe you have a destiny than you must wonder if what you have
chosen for your life will allow you to reach your destiny? If you do not believe you have
a destiny and what you choose for your life is satisfactory for you and your life, that is
your free choice. In the final analysis you will find life has been your free choice.

If you believe in destiny your choice is to follow destiny or create your own life plan.
In the final analysis you may be correct, but you may be well intended and wrong. In
either case your final analysis will reveal the truth. You will be asked why did you
conduct you life in such a manner? You should have a reason and purpose for the way
you conduct your life. What is your reason why for the way you have chosen to conduct
your life now? The point being, life is and has been your choice.

Ask yourself these questions.
Who conducts your final analysis?
Who determines your life on the planet earth as a human being?
These should be your questions, are they?

Guidance on the Path Called Life
How does one obtain guidance in the attempt to live their life properly?
Guidance on the path called life, who knows your direction, reason and purpose for
your life?

You may wonder, why don't I know, but in reality you do know?
Attempting to let it reach your conscious mind is your challenge.

In the final analysis you will see if you got in your own way to the degree you could not
see what you should be doing with your life. There are times in life when we try to hard
and our efforts enter what is called the law of diminishing returns. In other words the
harder we try the less we accomplish.

There are times when one must step back and take a new look at your life.
This may be difficult when you look for immediate gratification. In other words quick
answers and the way you want them to come and they will come your way, which is the
wrong approach. You become your greatest challenge, you try to hard in all the wrong
ways wondering why you are lost, or not pleased with your life. It may be time to review
your life and wonder how did I get myself here?

Review your Life
Reviewing your own life is not that difficult, remember those times you wanted
something and you knew your should but you didn't and you did something else?
Wonder why you changed your mind, think back, why didn't you follow through, there is
a reason, ask yourself why?

Don't blame someone else for the reason why, you were the one who chose, it was
your choice. Ask yourself why you followed someone else and not yourself? There is a
lesson here for you, look for it, and make changes to follow yourself in the future. You
may need help, be careful who you listen to, the best is to ask your inner self, your soul.

What is the Truth?
My truth and your truth may be different, for example, what is true for my life may not be
true for your life. In regards to destiny and what we are here to experience will be
different, no two people are the same. You may be here to experience tragedy and I
may be here to be family and friends. You may ask, why did that happen to me,
because this was your experience for this lifetime. I may be rich and you may be poor,
but I may have poor health and you are healthy but poor. There are times in life when
nothing adds up while others have their expectations answered.

Who determines what happens to you in your lifetime, you or someone or something
else? Is there a god that determines our life? Or you may think life is random access,
take what comes, you have nothing to say about it, is this possible? To know the truth
of these situations one must know the total aspect of you as a human being. Starting
with body, mind, energy, spirit, soul, and awareness. How are these interconnected to
determine your life?

There is an answer and it has nothing to do with any earthly religion.
The answer will be found in the equation, body, mind, energy, spirit, soul, and

The difference between inner and outer truth is relative, outer is what you perceive
from all aspects of society and what you see and perceive from your observations of
life. How you present yourself to life and how you receive from life is very important in
the development of you and your belief.

The development of your belief begins the day you are born as a human being and
continues to the day of your human death. To know where you are in the process stop
and look at all aspects of yourself. What you have accomplished and what do you
believe is the truth.

Ask yourself why you believe what you believe, on all aspect of your life. Why have you
accepted this as your truth and thus your life? Your life becomes what you accept as
true and what you desire to become for your life, yes, everything.

The challenge begins the day you are born, what is the circumstance in which you
were born, all aspects? How will this circumstance affect you in your daily life? What
will you do with your circumstance of life, you are born into this circumstance for a very
important reason, it will determine your life and how you conduct yourself accordingly.

Inner and outer truth defined, you are born with an inner truth and you form an outer
truth from society in general. Your outer truth comes from parents, teachers, education,
and your association with all of life in general. The challenge comes when you are
expected to accept society in general, what should you do and believe? This is a big
issue, what society were you born into and in what part of the world? All have an affect
on what and why you believe what you believe is the truth.

The reality is, who is correct and according to what guide lines?
This is why one must develop their knowledge of their inner truth, the truth you were
born with.

This truth will also hold all the life times you lived prior to this life time. Thus is the
history of your soul and inner spirit. This will have an affect on your present life and the
decisions have made in your life.
Stanley H van Rossum
Independent Spirit Research
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